Moog Servo Drives Software and Literature

Servo Drives provide fully digital control over position, velocity or torque for synchronous, asynchronous, linear or torque servo motors. Moog specializes in high performance Servo Drives with a wide selection of power sizes that are flexible to work with a variety of machine designs. Some key features include:

Multi-Axis Servo Drive System (MSD)

Higher performance machines can mean a real advantage in productivity and profitability and Moog Programmable Single Axis Servo Drives and the Moog Multi-Axis Servo Drive System are key enablers in achieving this objective. This integrated family of products provides the highest levels of dynamic response, smooth performance and application versatility.

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Customizable Single-Axis Servo Drive

The Moog Customizable Single-Axis Servo Drive (CSA) is the latest version of the DS2110 Servo Drive with many enhancements. With consistent high dynamic performance, control accuracy and versatility, it offers easy-to-adapt motion control templates and more fieldbus options including EtherCat, DeviceNet and various high resolution analog interfaces.

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