Moog Valve and Pump Configuration Software

Moog Valve and Pump Configuration Software is a Microsoft Windows®-based software that allows a user to control and exchange data between a PC and a Moog Digital Control Servo Valve and Axis Control Valve, as well Moog Radial Piston Pumps. System parameters can be set, monitored, recorded and visualized with a flexible graphical user interface. This software is provided by Moog upon request at no charge.

Configuration Software

  Description File Name Size
Latest Moog Valve and Pump Configurator (MoVaPuCo) version 4.2. 35 MB
Installation package for MoVaPuCo help videos for installations without internet access 355 MB
Very old configuration software: MoVaCo 6.2 MB
CVI runtime-version for MoVaCo 2.5 MB

Drivers for BUS Interfaces

  Description File Name Size
VCI driver version 4.0. The USB-to-CAN V2 requires firmware 1.07.00 or higher. (Check download area at MB
VCI driver V3.5.2.4268 is very well tested with MoVaPuCo on Windows 10VCI_V3.5.2.4268.zip26.7 MB

Configuration Files for BUS master (CAN/CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, Powerlink)

File Size

Device Commissioning Files for Servomotor-Driven Proportional Valves

Digital Valve & Pump Documentation/Dokumentation

Common Documentation

File Name/URL Description Type Language
Moog-ServoValves-DCV_Getting_Started-Manual-en.pdfSERVO-VALVES-DCV GETTING STARTED - Application InstructionPDFEnglish
Moog-Pumps-RKP_D_Software_Rev2-Manual-de.pdfRKP-D MIT CAN-BUS SCHNITTSTELLE - AnwendungshinweisePDFDeutsch
Moog-Valves-DIVelectricalInterfaces-Manual.pdfELECTRICAL INTERFACE - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-Valves-DIVelectricalInterfaces-Manual-de.pdfELEKTRISCHE ANSCHLÜSSE - BenutzerinformationPDFDeutsch
MoVaPuCo-Application_Instruction-en.pdfSolutions for working with USB-to-CAN adapter via VCI driver - MoVaPuCo-Application InstructionPDFEnglish
MoVaPuCo-Application_Instruction-de.pdfLösungen für die Arbeit mit USB-to-CAN-Adaptern über VCI-Treiber - MoVaPuCo-AnwendungshinweisPDFDeutsch

User Manual - DCV Firmware 2nd Generation

File Name/URL Description Type Language
Moog-ServoValves-ACV_EtherCAT_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfAXIS CONTROL VALVES WITH EtherCAT BUS INTERFACE (FIRMWARE B99226-DV018-D) - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-ServoValves-ACV_CANopen_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfAXIS CONTROL VALVES WITH CANOPEN INTERFACE (FIRMWARE B99224-DV018-D) - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-ServoValves-ACV_PROFIBUS_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfAXIS CONTROL VALVES WITH PROFIBUS INTERFACE (FIRMWARE B99225-DV018-D-211) - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-Pumps-RKP_D_EtherCAT-Manual-en.pdfRKP_D WITH ETHERCAT INTERFACE (FIRMWARE B99226-DV015-C) - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-Pumps-RKP_CANopen_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfRKP-D WITH CAN BUS INTERFACE (Version 1.1 09/08) - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-Valves-DIV_pQ_EtherCAT_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfDIGITAL CONTROL VALVES WITH ETHERCAT INTERFACE (FIRMWARE B99226-DV018-B-211) - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-Valves-DIV_pQ_CANopen_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfDIGITAL CONTROL VALVES WITH CANOPEN INTERFACE (FIRMWARE B99224-DV018-B-211) - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-ServoValves-PROFIBUS_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfDIGITAL CONTROL VALVES WITH PROFIBUS INTERFACE (FIRMWARE B99225-DV018-B-211) - User ManualPDFEnglish

User Manual - DCV Firmware 3rd Generation

File Name/URL Description Type Language
Moog-ServoValves-DCV3-pQ_CANopen_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfDIGITAL CONTROLVALVES WITH CANOPEN INTERFACE (B99316-DV005-B-211) - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-ServoValves-DCV3-pQ_Powerlink_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfDIGITAL CONTROL VALVES WITH PQ-POWERLINK INTERFACE (B99133-DV005-B-211) - User ManualPDFEnglish
Moog-ServoValves-DCV3-pQ_EtherCAT_Firmware-Manual-en.pdfDIGITAL CONTROLVALVES WITH ETHERCAT INTERFACE (B99476-DV006-B-211) - User ManualPDFEnglish